Do something different this Bonfire Night

We’re calling on event organisers to ditch the fireworks and instead find safe, sustainable ways to celebrate big occasions.

Fireworks may look great, but the visual spectacle is short lived, while their negative impacts have far-reaching and long-lasting effects on people, animals and the environment.

This autumn, we’re promoting alternatives to firework displays. From light shows and bonfires, to fire torch parades and street parties, there are lots of ways to bring people together without causing harm.

What’s the problem?

Safety concerns and the distress caused by the unpredictable noise and flashes of fireworks are widely publicised.  However, firework displays also produce debris which falls from the air onto the surrounding land and water. From carrying out regular surveys, we know this has a significant effect on the cleanliness of our communities.

And the impacts go further than the litter we can see on the ground. Fireworks can also be toxic and pollute the air we breathe, causing issues for those with asthma or respiratory diseases.

What’s the solution?

We believe public, professionally run displays should be promoted as the primary way to enjoy fireworks. They are both safer for the public and the litter left behind is more easily controlled. Better still, we’d encourage events organisers to consider alternatives such as Laser shows or fire parades.

We would support restrictions on the sale of fireworks for private use (including online) and are calling for additional labelling, public information and guidance in place outlining the risks and impacts.

In the meantime, we want to see event organisers putting safety and sustainability first when arranging a celebration

More on ‘litter from the air’

We refer to fireworks, sky lanterns and balloon releases as ‘litter from the air’. We’ve carried out extensive research into these items over the years and are passionate about minimising their use and impact.

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