Eco-School Wales’ Low Emission Journey to Morocco

Catrin Moss, Education Officer and Policy and Research Officer, led by example last weekend as she travelled all the way from Caerphilly to the Eco-Schools National Operator Meeting in Morocco using low emission transportation.

National Operator Meeting (NOM) 2023

Eco-Schools is a global phenomenon involving more than 56,000 schools from 73 countries. The NOM is an opportunity for operators like us to come together, share experiences and plan how to grow our Eco-Schools family even further.

Equipped with more than 10 years of experience, Catrin will be sharing insights from Wales and getting involved with programme updates, panel discussions, presentations, and local school visits.

The importance of low emission travel

Aviation is a huge contributor to climate change; in fact, according to the David Suzuki Foundation the industry is thought to contribute between 4 and 9% of the total climate change impact of humans. Transport such as trains and busses emit significantly less CO2 per mile than planes.

The graph below, UK’s Energy Saving Trust’s ‘travel hierarchy’, displays the lowest carbon travel mode for your journey. The graph has recently been updated to reflect post-pandemic ways of working. The new addition to the ‘travel hierarchy’ is digital communications which has been crowned as most sustainable as it limits the need for travel of any kind.



Leading by Example

The first leg of Catrin’s journey takes her from London to Paris on the Eurostar.
Independent research commissioned by Eurostar concluded that travelling from London to Paris via rail rather than flying cuts CO2 emissions by 90% per passenger!

It’s great to be able to take part in the NOM and share what our amazing schools in Wales are doing with operators from across the world. I’m glad to be leading by example by travelling in the way that we encourage others to do. Plus, seeing four cities in three days along the way is an adventure!

Catrin Moss
Policy and Research Officer and Education Officer

After departing the Eurostar, Catrin utilised Paris’s train network to get to Gare Du Lyon to board an overnight bus heading for Madrid.

Now onto a second day of travelling, Catrin hopped on a train heading to the south coast to board a ferry. The ferry travelled from Spain, over the Strait of Gibraltar and ported in Morocco.

Now in Morocco, Catrin is just brief train journey away from the city of Rabat, the host of the National Operators Meeting 2023.

Catrin’s journey is just an example of how everyone at Keep Wales Tidy aims to lead by example whenever possible with the hope of inspiring others to create a beautiful Wales and a better planet. We understand that low emission travel is vital to combatting climate change and inspiring the next generation to make ethical travel choices.

If you’re interested in learning more about travel and the environment, take a look at our Eco-Schools resources, available for both primary and secondary education.


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