New deposit return scheme is finally on its way

We welcome the announcement that Wales will be introducing a Deposit Return Scheme by 2025.

The news was confirmed today (20 January) by Climate Change Minister Julie James.

According to Welsh Government, the new initiative will see us pay a small deposit when we buy a drink in a single use container, which we get back when we return the bottle or can.

Wales is working with England and Northern Ireland to set up a joint scheme, meaning you can buy a drink in Barry and return it in Bristol or Belfast.

Scotland is setting up its own scheme, which starts later this year.

After much delay, we welcome the introduction of a Deposit Return Scheme in Wales, England and Northern Ireland. Based on the success of similar initiatives around the world, we believe adding a value to recyclables will have a significant impact on recycling rates and quality, reduce litter and improve the quality of our local environment.

Owen Derbyshire
Keep Wales Tidy Chief Executive

International examples show deposit return schemes can successfully improve recycling – with rates above 90% in Germany, Finland and Norway – and reduce litter overall.

The materials captured in the deposit return scheme in Wales will be drinks containers made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, steel, glass, and aluminium.

Owen continued:

“We’re delighted Welsh Government have committed to a comprehensive scheme that includes glass. It is another important step towards transforming the way we consume resources and reduce waste as a nation.

“We look forward to working with the Welsh Government to make the scheme a success and to explore further action to protect our environment now and into the future.”

The announcement follows recent legislation to ban a number of single use plastics.

Visit the Welsh Government website for full details.

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