We stand with Ukraine

We have all been horrified and deeply saddened by the war unfolding in Ukraine.

Here at Keep Wales Tidy, our bonds with international partners have never felt more important.

We have been a member of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) since 1987. In this time, FEE has grown into the world’s largest environmental education organisation, with members on every continent.

FEE’s strength comes from its global network, and we are proud to stand together with other members in solidarity with Ukraine.

We’d like to share this message on behalf of FEE:

As a global network of civil society organisations, we have all felt great concern and horror as we watch events unfold in Ukraine. We stand ready to offer support – where we can and when we can – to our colleagues in FEE Ukraine and the courageous people of Ukraine. We are inspired by the actions of many of our FEE member organisations that have already offered shelter and support to displaced Ukrainians, particularly women and children. There is already a huge outpouring of humanitarian support from many countries, and we encourage each of you to look at suitable actions you might take to support the people of Ukraine while doing the necessary due diligence to identify organisations that offer honest and non-biased support.

The war in Ukraine has also forced us to reflect upon how vulnerable energy markets are to geopolitics. As such, the mission and vision of our GAIA 20:30 strategy remain unchanged. The wind, the sun and the tides are free of charge and, just as importantly, they know no political boundaries. Renewable energy sources are widely distributed across our planet, unlike fossil fuels which are restricted to a few key regions. We must be steadfast in our objectives to move away from fossil fuels, to tackle the climate crisis, to protect global biodiversity, and to eliminate environmental pollution. The less we depend on fossil fuels, the more sustainable and peaceful our world will be for future generations.

We will be sharing messages of hope and solidarity with Keep Wales Tidy followers over the coming weeks and months, and will encourage our Eco-Schools, Green Key businesses, young reporters, and Blue Flag beaches to do the same.

We will also continue to support team members who are actively providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

Like all FEE members, we will be using the ‘Sunflower of Freedom’ in our communications – the national flower of Ukraine that has very quickly become a symbol of solidarity.

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