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We want to build a network of businesses across Wales that are dedicated to the Caru Cymru movement and celebrate the positive actions they’re taking to eliminate litter and waste.

We’re encouraging businesses and organisations to pledge their commitment to four Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair.

Tell us what actions you’re taking by completing the simple pledge form below. We’ll then provide promotional materials to help you publicise your involvement with Keep Wales Tidy and inspire others to join the Caru Cymru movement.

ICT and WEEE reuse and recycling scheme

Whether you are a small business, school or other organisation we can help you manage your waste equipment in a safe, compliant and environmentally riendly way.

Our collection scheme is a partnership with A&LH Environment which enables you to dispose of all your unwanted equipment in one, all-encompassing collection service, in the knowledge you are minimising the impact and maximising your contribution to the environment.

Old electricals? What you can do
How it works
Why is it important to recycle your electrical waste?
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Helpful information and resources

We know there is a lot of advice out there for businesses looking to cut their waste. Some of this advice is great; some is less helpful and potentially misleading. Compostable materials, biodegradables, recycling infrastructure, circular economy – doing the right thing can seem overwhelming! Not sure where to start?

Review where you're at

Carrying out a waste audit will help you prioritise what areas or items you need to focus on and provide a baseline to measure your success.

Download the template

Plan your actions

You can then develop a SMART action plan to help all your staff focus on a realistic number of activities and work out how to monitor progress.

Download the template

Tackling Waste Business Toolkit

We want to make it as easy as possible for your business to make a positive difference. We’ve created a PDF toolkit for you to download which will provide help and resources on how your business can commit to cutting waste.

Download the PDF

Litter at Events Guidance Document

All events organisers should want to take greater responsibility for reducing litter and non-recyclable waste and for everyone involved to enjoy the event in a safe and litter-free environment.

Download the PDF

Pledge your commitment to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair

Complete the form below and we’ll provide you with publicity materials to help you spread the word to your staff, clients and customers.

Measure your progress on a regular basis and keep everyone updated. And whatever actions your taking, don’t forget to share on social media using #CaruCymru

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