Help reduce the amount of waste produced by your business

We want to join forces with businesses across the country to tackle our ‘throwaway’ culture, and encourage tea and coffee-lovers to make the switch from single-use cups.

Reusable ‘Tidy Cups’ are a great marketing tool and a clear sign of your commitment to the environment and sustainability.

How does it work?

We’ll take care of the logistics and work with you to ensure your ‘Tidy Cups’ reflect your brand. We can source a range of size and materials – including cups made from organic bamboo or even recycled chewing gum!

We’ll also help to publicise the launch of your ‘Tidy Cups’, helping boost your profile in the local area.

We just ask for a £1 donation per cup and a small admin fee. Money raised helps support the tireless efforts of groups and volunteers across Wales who are working to improve their local environment.

If you’re a business owner and are interested in getting involved, contact:

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