Leave only pawprints

Dog fouling tops many people’s list of concerns regarding problems found on the streets. As well as carrying harmful bugs which can lead to infection, asthma and even blindness, all sorts of worm and bacteria can live in soil long after the dog mess has decomposed.

By law, dog owners must pick up faeces left by their dog in public spaces. If they do not, they can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice, which gives them an opportunity to avoid prosecution by the court, by paying a sum of money (in this case, for £75). Picking up after your dog is easy, and freshly deposited faeces are not infectious. Although there are lots of dog fouling bins around, bagged dog fouling can also be disposed of in general litter bins. If there isn’t a bin nearby, it should be disposed of responsibly back home.


In early October 2021, we joined forces with our Caru Cymru partners to launch a national dog fouling campaign.

Based on research by behaviour change experts, bright pink signs, posters, pawprint stencils and bin stickers started to appear across the country to ‘nudge’ people into making the right decision.

You can get involved in our campaign by visiting our Campaign Toolkit – a one-stop shop where you can download and customise posters, stickers, social media graphics and more!

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