I think follow up the contact with the Rugby Clubs for dog fouling and get some fit young lads and lasses out picking as an excersie thing. I think Scouts and McDonalds are a bit obvious, tried and tested, WI & Wildlife trust are good in Powys, what about reaching out to big corporates like Barclays Bank and Civil Service who would probably PAY you to take their management team out for a team bonding away day on a beautiful rural mountainside ? Something which i think we would especially support and gain from and if not all Welsh councils all the rural ones would be an agricultural link, get the Young Farmers out picking maybe and highlight the problems livestock face from litter and fly tipping etc, problem is alot of farmers would expect us to clear up their private land though. The other obvious thing in town centres we have done this in england before is get the Business Improvement District to fund extra street cleaning