Yes I think some McDonalds are great, the one in Glynneath I am told sends their team for a mile or more around the store – into Powys even from neath and yet the ones up here keep their own land immaculate but have to be badgered and dragged to come out for a half hour litter pick once or twice a year… Might be better going to the Regional Franchisee who are the “owners” and are millionaires and own loads e.g the ones here i think Bob Beckett owns from Aberysthwth through Newtown & Welshpool, two in Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton too i think. If you can go to the top and get them to push the “order” down it could make a big difference. We did some “brand analysis” on litter round here and every place we looked other than Coke and Mars it was McDonalds the most frequent brand and in some areas around their Newtown store for exmaple very significantly so