All Wales Report and LEAMS 22/23

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    First, we are pleased to announce that our All Wales Report for 2021/22 will be released next Thursday 17 March. Key messages and editable social media graphics will made available on the Caru Cymru Hub early next week, along with an in-depth report.

    Please see below some information and requests for you in regard to LEAMS surveys for 2022/23.

    Street Lists:
    As usual, we ask you to send your street lists in to us as soon as possible. Our data is most useful to you when it is combined with your zoning so please do ensure that your streets are categorized accordingly. As a result of some conversations we have had with local authorities in regard to the impact of waste collections days, you may also wish to add the day of waste collection to the street lists. You may also, if you wish, note the ward area if that is more useful to you as per some local authorities requests. Again, the more information you provide us here, the more useful the data will be. Our preferred format for street lists is GIS (Geodata) format.

    ACTION: Please can you get your revised street lists to us by Monday 21 March 2022.

    LEAMS App:
    All local authorities in Wales can sign up and use the Epicollect app for LEAMS surveys which is the same platform that Keep Wales Tidy use. There are many advantages to the app but essentially, it is the best way of making the most of spatial data and the visual presentation. It also allows us to combine data and get a fuller picture / do a more thorough analysis of the issue in a more localised way which is more useful for you on the ground. We can also add specific additional categories for local authorities if required.

    ACTION: If you’re one of the few authorities yet to do so, please contact to get set up or if you have any questions.

    LEAMS Training:

    ACTION: We will be running a LEAMS / Epicollect online training session for all local authorities on 6 April 2022. You should have already received this invite but if you haven’t or you have any questions, please email

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