Caru Cymru

We want to change behaviour for the long term

No one likes the thought of litter strewn streets and unhealthy environments; yet unfortunately there’s still a minority of people who damage our environment by not disposing of their waste responsibly.

By reminding people of the best option, and making that option as easy as possible, we can change behaviour to achieve environmental benefits in the long term.


We’re renowned for the work that we do day in day out with our incredible army of volunteers picking up litter; but we don’t want to concentrate our efforts on just cleaning up, we want to stop litter from happening in the first place.

As part of Caru Cymru, we’re working across sectors and county borders to run national and regional campaigns, as well as targeted local projects.

We are trialling a range of new and innovative solutions to tackle roadside, fast-food and marine related litter, improve air quality and eliminate single use plastic.

Our vision for Caru Cymru is that it will become second nature for people to do the right thing, from taking litter home and cleaning up after their dog, to recycling ‘on-the-go’, re-using and repairing.