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Help us build a Wales-wide picture of environmental volunteering with eCount Cymru

We want governments and businesses to understand the issues our communities are facing, and the massive impact volunteers are having across the country.

The best way of demonstrating this is with data – showing exactly how many people are getting involved, how many hours are being dedicated to looking after the environment, the range of activities taking place, and what’s being found on our streets, beaches and in our parks.

That’s why we need everyone to share what they’ve been doing via eCount Cymru.

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What is eCount Cymru?

eCount Cymru is a brand-new, easy-to-use form on our website.

No account or login details are required; the form takes two minutes to complete, and it can be filled out on a computer or mobile device, you just need an internet connection.

It has been developed and tested in conjunction with volunteers to help ensure the process is as quick and straightforward as possible. Hopefully, less time spent reporting will mean you can spend more time caring for your local environment.

How will the data be used by Keep Wales Tidy?

We will use the data from eCount Cymru to guide our work and demonstrate the impact of volunteering to governments and businesses.

This year, we will be doing more to celebrate the incredible work that you and other passionate individuals, groups and organisations are doing to care for our beautiful country.  So, we’ll be showcasing the overall results from eCount Cymru on a regular basis on our website, social channels and in the media.

The map and figures below show the activities recorded since January 2023, including Litter Champions, community groups, Litter Free Zones, Litter Picking Hubs and Spring Clean Cymru volunteers.* It’s really impressive, but we don’t think it captures all of the activities that have taken place. Hopefully, with the help of eCount Cymru, we will start to gain an even better understanding of what’s happening across the country.


*Please note, the map does not show ‘live’ information as it takes time to collate, check and analyse the data. The map is updated every month by our Data Team.

How can I use my data?

If you’d like a personal summary of your results from eCount Cymru, please get in touch with our Data Team at

You can use the data collected to support your own grant applications, or to have a consistent and reliable history of your activity to share with your local community, policy makers and planners.

What about the old reporting system, Epicollect?

We’ve listened to feedback on our old reporting system, Epicollect. Although some people liked it, most found the app and website hard to use.

That’s why we’ve developed eCount Cymru – a simple online form.

Don’t worry, we’re not switching off Epicollect immediately, but our plan is to get everyone using eCount Cymru by June 2024.

If you have any concerns about the switchover, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Data Team.

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