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Before you begin, get organised

There are lots of ways to fund a community group – if you search online, the ideas and opportunities can seem overwhelming!

That’s why we’re pulling together essential advice, relevant examples, and the most useful links for community groups in Wales who are caring for their local environments.

Before you start fundraising, you need to get organised.

Your volunteer group will need to have a constitution – to describe what you do and how you do it – along with a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer as a minimum.

If you want to apply for grants, then you will need a group bank account. This is a type of account that is specifically for community groups and societies, rather than individuals.

It is a good idea to have more than one signatory on your account (ideally three) just in case people leave the group or go on holiday. It is also sensible to avoid credit cards and overdrafts.

Download a template constitution

How to find funding

The best place to start is Funding Wales – a new funding platform created by Third Sector Support Wales. You can search for hundreds of grant and loan finance opportunities from local, national and international sources.

Use the search tool below to find available funds. Please note, you will need to register with Funding Wales to access the full details (you’ll be directed to the website).

Think local

Your local County Voluntary Council (CVC) will have funding experts on hand who can point you in the direction of local opportunities and provide direct support. Third Sector Support Wales has a great interactive map which allows you to search by area.

Go to the Third Sector Support website

You may also want to consider the shops and businesses on your doorstep. There are three key ways they might be able to support you:


Step 1:

Retailers in Wales are required to donate the profits from their carrier bag charge to environmental causes. You could approach local shops and encourage them to invest their carrier bag money back into their local community.


Step 2:

They could sponsor the group or an event. Local businesses will most likely love what you are doing and will help if they can. They may be able to offer a one-off or ongoing sponsorship in the same way that local football and rugby teams are sponsored. Many chain-retailers have simple application process. Similarly, many Registered Social Landlords provide small grants which can be used to sponsor local groups.


Step 3:

Don’t forget to ask about in-kind support – that means the contribution of goods or services other than money. Community groups have benefited from a range of in-kind support over the years, including clothing and safety equipment. Some companies have also been pleased to offer expert help at practical events or with accounting queries.

Local businesses may ask for some publicity in return for their support. This could be as simple as giving them a shout out on social media or writing a press release. Visit this page for guidance.

You could also make the most of the wider community. Lots of groups generate income by hosting annual events that they host such as Christmas or Easter fetes. Sales of raffle tickets, Christmas cards, and even charging a modest membership fee can all help.

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