Amdano Cystadleuaeth YRE

In Wales, Mars Wrigley is supporting the YRE Litter Less programme through Keep Wales Tidy to encourage young people from universities, schools, colleges and youth organisations to consider and investigate local litter issues.

Yn y flwyddyn academaidd 2020-2021, bydd YRE yng Nghymru yn canolbwyntio ar ‘Lleihau Gwastraff Plastig’. Mae gwastraff plastig yn broblem enfawr yng Nghymru ac mae angen i ni i gyd ddeall yr effaith y mae’n ei gael ar yr amgylchedd a’r hyn y gallwn ni i gyd ei wneud i leihau’r gwastraff hwn.

To take part in Young Reporters for the Environment, you will need to:

  • Choose a plastic waste issue that you care about, as an example this could be:
  1. Reducing plastic waste at lunch time or even becoming a plastic free school or community.
  2. You could run a campaign in your community or school to reduce the amount of single use plastic water bottles.
  3. Or you could look at the affects of microplastics on our oceans
  • Choose three lesson plans to support the topic and use these lessons to help your young people develop an understanding of the issue and create a winning YRE entry!
  • Involve the whole organisation by organising a practical event or community action day and raise awareness of the chosen issue
  • Think about solutions to your issue which will change behaviour
  • Raise awareness of your investigations regularly through a media campaign
  • Research and report your topic and suggest solutions to your issue
  • Share your competition entries with anyone and everyone through at least 3 media outlets

Mewn ysgolion a cholegau, gellir cysylltu YRE i gwricwlwm llawer o bynciau fel Saesneg, Daearyddiaeth, Gwyddoniaeth, Ffotograffiaeth a’r Cyfryngau Creadigol ac mae’n gyfle ymarferol i bobl ifanc arddangos eu sgiliau naill ai yn unigol neu ar sail grŵp.

Gall sefydliadau ieuenctid gydweithio ar weithgareddau ymarferol yn seiliedig ar brosiectau sydd yn arwain at geisiadau grŵp neu unigol.

Gall myfyrwyr addysg bellach ac uwch greu gwaith o ansawdd i ychwanegu at bortffolios, a chyfrannu at waith cwrs a CVs.

Help ag adnoddau

Support on implementing YRE will be offered through workshops and lesson plans, but if you have a specific question, or enquiry, feel free to get in touch.

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