Ymunwch â Goriad Gwyrdd a dod yn rhan o’r ateb

Mae Goriad Gwyrdd yn eco-achrediad sydd yn tywys busnesau tuag at y dewisiadau amgylcheddol gorau i gyd-fynd ag anghenion eu busnes unigol.

  • Travellers and tourists are increasingly aware of the importance of supporting socially responsible and environmentally sustainable businesses. In a 2020 survey by Booking.com (conducted across 22 global markets with 1,000 participants per market), 82% of travellers said that they find sustainability an important topic, but only 50% agree that there is enough choice when it comes to places to stay with sustainable credentials.
  • More and more hospitality providers across the world are making changes within their business to appeal to this emerging market as well as to make significant commercial savings. It is exciting to see a growing number of Welsh businesses leading the way in showcasing how they can meet the needs of these new visitors. The more businesses that join the movement, the more of an impact we can have … we need you.
  • As a respected eco-label across 65 countries worldwide, Green Key offers you a presence within the international hospitality market.
  • And, as an added bonus, we can show you how your business can make significant financial savings through initiating sustainable behaviours with the Green Key team on hand to guide you through how to implement these changes - whatever the size of your business.