Back to Nature, Llantwit Major School

The aim of the project is to provide an alternative learning environment for the pupils in Llantwit Major School. To encourage them to engage with nature and think sustainably, as well extending school/community links

What did you do and how did you involve the whole school?

We have expanded our school garden to provide an alternative learning environment for pupils to engage with nature and learn where their food comes from. Furthermore, we wanted to create a space to allow pupils to improve their mental health and provide exciting opportunities that link with the 4 purposes of the New Curriculum for Wales and the School Development Plan. This has truly been a whole school and community project with multiple donations and numerous volunteers!

How and why did you decide on this target?

Following on from the success of our own school garden in 2018/19, and tree planting in the community 2019/20 our Environmental Review highlighted the desire to widen community links and improve ecology in our school. We always wanted to take our school garden to another level and thanks to the experience of Mr Jones and Mr Rees, as well as a successful lottery grant we were finally able to begin our journey!

Llanwit Major 2

How has the project impacted on your school and your community?

Back 2 Nature project has made great progress. Over 300 pupils have been working on the project and enjoying their time outside growing their own food. Staff and community support has also been phenomenal. We have planted 250 trees, built 8 raised beds, a poly tunnel, a traditional cob oven, and pergola, installed a rainwater harvesting tank as well as planting a range of fruit and vegetables including potatoes, tomatoes, butternut squash, mangetout, broad beans, carrots and onions!

How did you celebrate success and what are your next steps?

Achievements were celebrated via social media (Twitter) Also displayed on school TV screens/noticeboards and newsletter.

Our next steps are to strengthen curriculum links, provide training for outdoor learning, build paths and plant more wildflowers. Generate revenue from produce sales