Exploring the global effects of climate change with Mbale, Uganda.

Sharing climate concerns and the Rights of the Child

What did you do and how did you involve the whole school?

We have established links with a school in Mbale, Uganda through the PONT project / Size of Wales Charity. PONT, arranged for our link Mbale co-originator Eleanor and her teacher colleagues to visit us.

The whole school learnt a song in Swahili and learned about Mbale prior to the visit and prepared questions on climate concerns, rights of the child and African culture. Yr1 Topic was Africa, so our Visitors spent the morning in class, talking about the animals and climate changes.

How and why did you decide on this target?

As a school we wanted to gain an understanding on how other countries are coping with Climate change and what children’s rights are in place – do they have the same needs as ourselves? Some areas of Wales recently had local floods and from our class lesson in KS2, Mbale suffered devastating floods that effected their home, lives and economic stability too. We created posters as part of Torfaen’s Global Warming Competition.

How has the project impacted on your school and your community?

Raised awareness of other culture and the same concerns that we face e.g. Climate change, flooding. We inform the community how they can support at home, such as helping take part in Green Day that supports villages like Mbale, with Tree Planting Project. Parents and the community are kept up to date through the school newsletter, and the KS2 children write letters to our partner’s school in Mbale. It has increased children’s empathy and awareness that Climate Change affects all our lives, wherever we live.

How did you celebrate success and what are your next steps?

We aim to continue with our links, focusing on a project and continuing to embed Global Citizenship within our planning. We will be focusing on raising awareness of the effects of climate changes and children’s rights – in particular the right to have an education, clean water, food and shelter.

As a school, we shall continue to support our charity, the Size of Wales, and take part in climate change events.