Creating a wildlife area for all

A creative project to bring life back to the quad, making it an area that could be used by wildlife, education and for well-being of pupils and staff.

In March, as the schools changed their roles to becoming childcare providers for key workers and vulnerable pupils, the staff at Dwr Y Felin were keen to offer a range of activities that would inspire the pupils attending.

It had been a desire of some of the staff, for some time, to bring life back into the Quad area of the school grounds. The period of lockdown was deemed a good opportunity to realise this ambition.

The new curriculum for Wales has allowed departments to think creatively about how to deliver issues and concepts to KS3 pupils.  It was felt that a garden could be used as a resource to highlight the curriculum links between Science and Food production, which would also incorporate STEM interactions.

The school-grown produce could be used in food technology, which would demonstrate clearly to pupils the food journey.

To promote health and well-being, it was felt that a garden could be used as a relaxing space for pupils, as well as a quiet place for pupils attending the newly opened ASD centre. Furthermore, a gardening club would enhance the school’s extracurricular activities provision.

A highlight has been seeing the faces of our school community light up when appreciating the colour and produce from the garden. Images of the improved area have been showcased on the school’s website.

The target is to maintain the garden and use it proactively in the curriculum whilst engaging pupils in the gardening process. It is also hoped that the space will be used effectively as a safe and quiet area for all our staff and pupils in the months and years to come.