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The Healthy and Sustainable Eating project, launched by the Eco-Schools program |  ABAE in partnership with the Jerónimo Martins Group, is realized through a set of challenges, which aim is to motivate children, young people, teachers and families for a greater knowledge about healthy and sustainable eating, so that they become receptive to the introduction of changes in eating habits in their daily lives.

Schools are offered several challenges, which aim is to motivate research on various aspects related to the subject and encourage the implementation of concrete proposals. This year, 7 challenges were launched to Eco-Schools:

  • In My House We Don’t Waste
  • The Food Trip
  • Canteen Brigade
  • The 10 Principles of the Mediterranean Diet
  • Food Panel: Sugar to Snack
  • Mediterranean Eco-Menus | Eco-Cookers


For example, in the Activity Eco-Menus | Eco-Cookers students present healthy and sustainable menus based on the Mediterranean Diet. Teams that offer the best suggestions are invited to perform their menus live.

The Eco-Schools program has been developing this project since 2015 and currently has the participation of about 400 schools.

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