Supporting the RSPB by recording bird numbers and setting up a feeding station

How did your committee identify the need for this target?

We have previously collected data for the RSPB and decided that it would be a good idea to do so again.

What did you want to achieve?

As we have a very small garden area at school we decided setting up a feeding station would encourage birds and help survival rates.

What did you do and who was involved?

The whole school was involved in the actual bird watch but only KS2 carried out the follow-up activities.

What impacts did you make?

We were able to contribute to the RSPB statistics.

We have encouraged more birds to visit our school.

All the pupils know more about the challenges faced by our local birds.

How did you involve the whole school in the action and how did you celebrate achievements?

We wrote a report for the Governors and for the website.

Plans for the future i.e. do you plan to further develop this target?

Continue feeding the birds throughout the Winter. Plant a few fruit bushes such as raspberry, blackcurrant in a raised bed.

Repeat the Big Bird Watch next year to ensure that no species have disappeared from our garden. Carry out regular in between checks.

Next Spring we would like to raise awareness locally of the declining numbers of birds in our area and encourage members of the community to provide bird-friendly gardens and wildlife areas.