Positive Environmental Change

Friendships made. Behaviours changed. Confidence gained. You can’t underestimate the benefits of being part of the Eco-Schools family.

Empowering every learner

Eco-Schools is an inclusive and holistic programme. We want to raise the aspirations of all learners, enabling them to progress towards the four purposes of the curriculum.


  • Knowledge and understanding
    Giving young people the knowledge and understanding of environmental issues at school age, not only empowers them to take action now, but will encourage them to lead the way and inspire change in the future. They are supported to develop as ambitious, capable. learners who are ready to learn throughout their lives.
  • Building confidence and life skills
    Leading meetings, playing different roles in a team, influencing change in others, speaking to visitors and peers and designing campaigns are all lifelong skills that enrich young people's learning journey. Eco-Schools gives learners an opportunity to demonstrate they are enterprising, creative contributors, equipping them to play a full part in life or work.
  • Developing ethics and intelligence
    Today's young people are tomorrow's policy makers, business owners and consumers. Utilising the international Eco-Schools programme is a fantastic way to develop ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world.
  • Creating responsible citizens
    Young people leave their Eco-School knowing that their voices and ideas can and do make a difference, ensuring they are confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

Supporting an integrated approach to learning and teaching

Our nine interlinked Eco-Schools topics provide scope for a thematic approach across all six Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLEs).

This not only allows students to become more sophisticated in their environmental understanding, but also enables them to make connections and transfer learning.

We have a range of resources that are all designed to promote these cross curricular links.

Cutting down costs

The fundamental concept of Eco-Schools is to identify areas within the school that can be improved environmentally and take action to make a difference. This can lead to substantial cost savings in areas like waste, energy, water and litter. All brought about by positive changes in behaviour driven by your pupils!

Benefiting local communities, Wales and the world

The Eco-Schools programme links local, national and international contexts. What’s more the nine Eco-Schools topics compliment many of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Eco-Schools are encouraged to look beyond the school gate, reach out to the wider community and tackle local issues.


The programme is rooted in Welsh culture and is recognised at a national level by Welsh Government, who have supported the programme for more than 20 years.


Eco-Schools is a global phenomenon which operates in 70 countries. Taking part in the programme in Wales makes your school a part of the global family of more than 56,000 schools worldwide who are taking positive action to create a sustainable future.

Get involved

Take part in a campaign, join a live lesson, and catch up on recent training.

Find out more

More on how it works

All our Eco-Schools work through seven steps. Once a school has put this in place and collected evidence of their progress, they can apply for an Eco-Schools award.

How it works

Hear from our Eco-Schools

Initially it was thought that it might be impossible to set up an Eco-Schools Committee due to the nature of our children’s special educational needs. The school is primarily for children with autism and therefore these children have difficulties with social communication... The Eco-Committee has provided a platform to bring these groups together and has helped many children to gain confidence in speaking within the group.

The Hollies School

Hear from our Eco-Schools

The morale in the E-team is amazing and the pupils love to be actively involved every week. They take pride in their school... This year we expect to see 40 members plus attending E-team as they have themselves seen how rewarding the club is. It is an honour to see this pride in the children and an eagerness to protect the environment.

Eastern Primary

Hear from our Eco-Schools

One person can start the change, one group can influence others, one community can make a difference for future generations. This is not one person’s problem; it is everyone’s problem. Think clean, think tidy, think a better community.

Pupils from Ysgol Bro Gwaun

Hear from our Eco-Schools

Eco-Schools have ensured that eco-education is not just an ‘add on’ to tick an ESDGC box. It has ensured that we have embedded eco-education throughout the entire curriculum. Our pupils are more aware of their environment and how the decisions they make can worsen or better affect it.

Bassaleg High School