Carbon Literacy Training for Educators

06/06/2023 - 13/06/2023


This is a new certified training course for Educators at any level.

We have taken our popular Climate Change training for Educators and extended it to become an accredited course that will give you the knowledge to understand the causes and impacts of climate change as well as ways to take positive action. We will explore what is happening locally in Wales and globally to mitigate the impacts and tackle the causes and cover the latest current scientific thinking. We also include activities, resources and skills to teach some of the science and concepts to pupils and engage them in taking positive action.

The training has been accredited by the Carbon Literacy Trust so that, by completing the course, you will become certified as Carbon Literate.

The course will run for two 3 hour online sessions and there is also some additional self-paced learning to complete between the sessions to total approximately eight hours of learning.

The cost for certification will be covered and the course is free to attend.


Important note

Please note that the selection below is the date of your first session. Each session has an accompanying second session with a fixed date. When you select your first session you are also committing to the accompanying session. See options available below.

Session One Session Two Medium
06/06/23 21/06/23 English
07/06/23 22/06/23 Welsh

Carbon Literacy Training for Educators

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