Carbon Literacy Training


Become Carbon Literate with Eco-Schools Wales

Elevate your understanding and impact through our certified Carbon Literacy program. This interactive online course, expertly crafted by Eco-Schools Wales and endorsed by the Carbon Literacy Trust, is your gateway to unlocking a sustainable future.

Embark on an enlightening journey where you’ll delve into the intricacies of climate change. This course serves up a comprehensive platter of knowledge about the causes and consequences of climate change. Explore diverse avenues to catalyse positive environmental changes.

Uncover the roots of climate change and explore global and local efforts to combat its effects. You’ll discover how people are minimising their carbon footprint, both here in Wales and around the globe.

But that’s not all – we’re arming you with more than just knowledge. Equipped with a resources and engaging activities, you’ll be ready to translate the latest scientific concepts into captivating classroom experiences, encouraging your pupils become champions of positive change.

The best part? The cost of your certificate is on us – this course is absolutely free to attend. Be prepared to dedicate around eight hours, split into two three-hour online sessions and self-paced learning segments.


A vital reminder:

Please remember that each first session has an associated second session with a fixed date. When you choose your first session, you’re committing to both parts. Make sure to review the available options below and pick the schedule that works best for you.

This is your chance to become a certified Carbon Literate and drive transformation – for yourself, your students, and the world around us. Enrol now, and let’s make sustainability a reality.