Climate Week

14/11/2023 - 17/11/2023


Join us for an entire week of captivating live virtual lessons, all dedicated to the critical subject of Climate Change.

During Climate Week, each day unfolds a unique theme for us to dive into. Get ready for a series of engaging sessions hosted by our brilliant education officers and featuring exciting guest speakers. Get your day started with a dynamic and interactive spark! Ideal for learners in Key Stage Two, each day will introduce an exciting topic and challenge pupils to develop their learning with our bespoke resources.

As we head towards COP28, the United Nations’ climate change conference, these sessions serve as support pupils in becoming ethical, informed citizens who are conscious of the issues of climate change and the importance of COP28.

Check out the information below for specifics on each session. Feel free to sign up for as many as you’d like!

All sessions will be presented live using Microsoft Teams. A link to the meeting will be sent ahead of the session to all those who register using the form below. We look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday 14 November

What is Climate Change? What is COP 28?

Led by the Eco-Schools Wales team, this session beckons young learners to embark on a journey of discovery. Together, we’ll unravel the mysteries of climate change, understanding its significance and the imperative need for action.

Throughout the session, pupils will delve into the world of COP28, gaining insights into the key themes the conference is set to address this year.

But that’s not all – we’re igniting the spark of creativity! Students will have the chance to put their inventive minds to the test, crafting captivating displays that illustrate the changing global temperatures.

Wednesday 15 November

Deforestation Detectives with Size of Wales

Size of Wales is on a mission to educate young mind about tropical forests, emphasising their significance and inspiring action for their preservation.

Size of Wales and Eco-Schools Wales invite young learners to embark on an exciting journey to uncover the astounding biodiversity thriving within tropical forests. We’ll immerse ourselves in the lives of the individuals who call these lush landscapes home, while also shedding light on the urgent issue of climate change. Moreover, we’ll emphasise the invaluable role that forests play in tackling this pressing global challenge.

Thursday 16 November 

Climate Change and the Power of Poo with Dŵr Cymru

Our partners from Dŵr Cymru are teaming up with us for a session that aims to deepen students’ grasp of water’s pivotal role in combatting climate change.

This engaging session is split into two parts. To kick things off, Dŵr Cymru’s Seconded Teachers will lead a captivating virtual journey, walking students through the Waste Water Treatment Process.

They’ll cover everything, from waste arrival on-site to its transformation through Advanced Anaerobic Digestion. This session aligns with the National Curriculum for Wales, offering visual, interactive, and easily digestible content for students.

In the second half, students will be challenged to craft their own action plan geared towards fostering water efficiency in their schools and households. This plan will consider the energy consumed when the tap is turned on and the significant role water conservation plays in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Small shifts in daily habits can potentially yield substantial positive changes. Join us in this transformative session and let’s make a difference, one drop at a time.

Friday 17 November

Global Solutions: Celebrating how people are tackling the climate and biodiversity crises.

Contemplating climate change can indeed be an overwhelming task, but it’s equally important to acknowledge and applaud the remarkable efforts of individuals, schools, and communities worldwide.

In this session, let’s come together to celebrate the potential solutions that lie ahead and delve into the thrilling innovations emerging right here in Wales. These ideas are poised to make a significant impact in our collective fight against climate change. Join us as we explore and celebrate the promising steps toward a sustainable future.