GALWAD – A Story From Our Future

03/10/2022 - 07/10/2022


GALWAD – A Story From Our Future

Join us from the 03 October for a whole week of engaging activities and live lessons. 

Part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK, GALWAD is a multiplatform and multilingual story set in 2022 and 2052. 

Blending conventional forms of storytelling with community engagement and social media, GALWAD will be a new kind of cultural event. 

What would happen if, for only one week, we were in contact with our future selves? This epic event will come alive on TV and digital media in Hydref. Learn more about the project here: GALWAD

The live lessons and activities will encourage and inspire pupils to explore and question what the future will mean for their schools, their communities and their lives. The key learning priorities will be drawn from the aims outlined in the Curriculum for Wales Guidance, with activities including:

  • Exploring how mushrooms could save the world
  • Designing the clothes of the future
  • Coming up with inventions that will improve their communities

There will also be live interviews and Q&As with a special guest each day, and a small glimpse into the future at the start of each lesson. We want to energise your pupils to think urgently and positively about the world they will grow up in. After all: if they can’t imagine a positive future, how are they going to build one?

Live lessons will run in both Welsh and English from 9.30 – 10.15 Monday 03 October to Friday 07 October and are suitable for pupils age 7-11. Each day will provide inspiration, engaging activities, and live interviews for your whole class to interact with. Following each morning lesson there will be a selection of exciting resources to support further learning and investigation about the concepts raised.

GALWAD is part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK, co-commissioned with Creative Wales with funding from Welsh Government and UK Government.

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