Life Below Water – for Secondary Educators #BeTheWave

14/06/2022 - 12/07/2022


Be The Wave Online training will run for an hour a week for 5 weeks starting 14/6/22 at 3.30pm.

The interactive and engaging sessions will look at the importance of oceans and the key threats facing them. We will also explore what is being done to combat the challenges faced and how we can all play a part and #BeTheWave of change. There are activities and links across the Areas of Learning so we encourage all subject teachers to take part.

Session Overview:

Session 1


Ocean Introduction

The Importance of the Ocean Biodiversity and Ecosystem services

Session 2


Ocean Issues

Climate Change and Sustainable Fishing

Session 3


Ocean Issues- Marine Pollution

Source to Sea, Marine Litter and Plastic Pollution

Session 4


Ocean Issues – Marine Pollution

Microfibers, Invisible Pollution, Stop the Block

Session 5


Taking Action and using the #BeTheWave resource pack ideas and planning

Life Below Water

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