National Eco Committee


Are you ready to take your Eco-Schools journey to the next level? We’re thrilled to invite you to this year’s exclusive National Eco Committee (NEC) event!

Taking place in the morning on Wednesday 18 October, this virtual gathering is specially crafted for our distinguished Platinum Award-holding Eco-Schools. Your whole eco committee are invited, or if you prefer, one of your KS2 classes can take part.

At this event, we’ll be introducing our fresh set of Platinum Challenges for 2023/2024. These challenges are entirely optional, created to spark your enthusiasm for sustainability, and equip your eco-committee to tackle urgent environmental issues of today.


Here is a sneak preview of the titles this year’s exciting challenges:

Challenge 1: “What’s wrong with wonky?” – Dive into the world of food sustainability and learn how to reduce food waste right from the source.

Challenge 2: “Invaluable Vintage” – Uncover the secrets of clothing recycling and discover innovative ways to reduce and reuse fashion items.

Challenge 3: “Stop, Look & Lichen” – Explore the fascinating world of lichen and understand the importance of curbing unnecessary idling.


Come along to this event on to learn more about the challenges and find out all the different ways Eco-Schools Wales are here to support you in achieving them.

To attend this exclusive event, please fill out the registration form below. You’ll receive an invitation and all the details you need to join us.