New Coordinator Training – Secondary

19/06/2024 - 19/06/2024


Hello Eco-Coordinators!

Welcome to New Coordinator Training – a specialised workshop thoughtfully crafted for Eco-School educators in a secondary school setting.

Whether you’re stepping into this role for the first time or could use a programme refresher, this virtual training is your compass to mastering Eco-Schools success at your school.

Throughout this session, we’ll dive into the heart of the international Eco-Schools program, guiding you on how to steer it effectively within your school.

Get inspired as we showcase how programme learning opportunities align seamlessly with the Curriculum for Wales, accompanied by plenty of real-life examples from leading Eco-Schools across the nation.

And that’s not all! We’re here to show you through the ropes of applying for awards and provide you with top-notch insights to ace your Eco-Schools assessment.

New Coordinator Training is delivered through an interactive two-hour session and is available in Welsh or English. The session will be virtually using Microsoft Teams.


Will you be joining us? Complete the registration below to receive an invitation to the virtual meeting. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing Eco-Schools@keepwalestidy.cymru