Urgent action is needed to ensure that the climate, nature and litter emergencies we face here, and across the globe, are tackled.

It is essential that the next UK Government takes bold action and ensures that important legislation, policy and regulations are put in place quickly to protect our environment and our economy now, and into the future.

Together with our friends Keep Scotland Beautiful, we’ve set out our key policy asks for nature, people and planet below, and urge the next UK government to make five commitments.


Implement the Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for packaging, including the originally proposed system for ground litter payments across the UK. 

  • The UK Government must stay on track with its commitments to EPR and align with Scotland and Wales, extending the scope to cover ground litter packaging and ensuring that the polluter pays.
  • Litter payments must form a key component of the UK Government’s EPR reforms ensuring that single-use packaging producers take financial responsibility and support litter education, infrastructure and waste management – putting prevention at the heart of any plan for litter free nations.


Implement a consistent UK-wide all-in Deposit Return Scheme for drinks containers no later than 2027.

  • The UK Government must implement a well-designed UK-wide Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for drinks containers, including glass, no later than 2027.


Improve leadership and action through setting more ambitious UK government targets towards net zero without delay with a commitment to exceed agreed international commitments. 

  • Stronger climate leadership, decisive action and the creation of bold climate targets must be a priority for the next UK Government in order to combat the climate crisis.
  • Achieving net zero by 2050 should be viewed as a minimum and more ambitious targets, exceeding international commitments, should be set.


Actively support the implementation of the Eco-Schools programme in all UK schools in order to deliver on the UN Greening Education Partnership commitments and to work with administrations in devolved nations.

  • Continue to show leadership and ensure that climate education in schools is embedded as a priority so that our children and young people feel equipped to adapt to and mitigating climate change in the future.
  • Ensure that the international Eco-Schools programme is supported in order to deliver and align with UN greening Education Partnership.


Ensure that the Internal Markets Act is interpreted and implemented in a way that does not create barriers to progress on environmental policy and regulation across the UK.

  • Review the UKIMA in order to clarify and promote current constitutional agreements in the devolved nations in the UK.
  • Establish additional criteria around social and environmental factors to support the most ambitious policies for the UK so as to raise aspirations.
  • Develop sectoral agreements to add further clarity and direction across the UK.

We are committed to working with our partners, local and national government, our volunteers and relevant stakeholders to ensure that decisions that are good for our environment can also create a fairer, more just society and economy.