Raising the standard

Environmental quality sits at the core of our purpose.

We help set the standards high for green spaces, beaches, marinas and tourism in Wales through our range of international awards.

When you visit one of our award-winning sites, you can be sure that you’re visiting a world-class destination that has the highest possible environmental standards.

In Beautiful Wales: Keep Wales Tidy Strategy 2022-2030, we have promised to grow participation in award programmes which drive environmental excellence. Read more about our ambitious plans here.


Our award programmes

The flags flying across Wales are down to the dedication of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to protect and improve their environment.

We’re proud to work with them and celebrate what they do.

Green Flag for Parks

The Green Flag Award is all about connecting people with the very best parks and green spaces.

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Blue Flag at Llangranog
Coast Awards

The Wales Coast Awards help raise environmental awareness, recognise good practice and promote Wales as an international destination.

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Green Key

Green Key allows Welsh businesses to celebrate the positive environmental changes they're making.

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More projects

Caru Cymru
caru cymru to eradicate waste

We are proud to be working with all local authorities across Wales on our biggest ever initiative to eradicate litter and waste.

Sun shining through trees

We’re helping nature’s recovery by protecting hedgerows, planting dense native woodlands, and creating biodiverse new gardens.


We're empowering young people to drive environmental change. Bold action must be taken if we are going to create a more sustainable and resilient future.

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