Green Flag Award

Connecting people with the very best parks and green spaces

The Green Flag Award is all about connecting people with the very best parks and green spaces. It’s the benchmark for parks and green spaces in the UK and beyond. Wherever you see a Green Flag, you know you’re visiting an exceptional place with the highest standards.

We run the scheme in Wales, with support from Welsh Government, because we know having a good quality environment can have a big impact on our communities, health and well-being, and economy.

Thinking differently about green space

An enormous variety of green spaces can apply for the Green Flag Award, from small urban parks to huge country parks, university campuses, housing estates and even cemeteries.

There is also a Green Flag Community Award for community managed spaces such as allotments, woodlands, local nature reserves and community gardens.

Both awards are judged by an army of green space experts who volunteer their time and knowledge.

Learn about the Green Flag Award

The international mark of a quality park or green space

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Learn about the Green Flag Community Award

Winners of this award rely on volunteers to maintain their excellent facilities

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Our parks and green spaces

This year, 280 parks and green spaces across the country have received the prestigious Green Flag Award and Green Flag Community Award – from country parks and formal gardens, to allotments, woodlands and churchyards.

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