Green Key

Unlocking sustainability in the tourism industry

Green Key allows Welsh businesses to celebrate the positive environmental changes they are making and to market themselves to an audience that is becoming more and more aware of their environmental responsibility.

About Green Key

Green Key has been awarded to more than 3,200 tourism providers across 65 countries worldwide and is open to businesses across the sector. From boutique hotels with fine dining, to large hotels and event venues with a capacity to host thousands, from B&Bs to campsites and attractions, Green Key offers an environmentally sustainable choice when planning holidays, excursions, or business trips.

Green Key Wales was launched in April 2015 and offers a growing collection of the country’s most environmentally sustainable destinations, ensuring that wherever you are in Wales, you can make the best choice for the environment, as well as discovering some of the finest hospitality providers in the country.

Green Key is owned by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and run in Wales by Keep Wales Tidy. We also manage the hugely successful Blue Flag and Green Key environmental standards awards on behalf of FEE in Wales.

What are the benefits?

Benefit 1:

Green Key is an eco-accreditation

Green Key is an eco-accreditation which guides businesses towards the best environmental choices to suit their individual business needs.

Benefit 2:

Tourists support eco-accomodation

Travellers and tourists are increasingly aware of the importance of supporting socially responsible and environmentally sustainable businesses. In a 2020 survey by (conducted across 22 global markets with 1,000 participants per market), 82% of travellers said that they find sustainability an important topic, but only 50% agree that there is enough choice when it comes to places to stay with sustainable credentials.

Benefit 3:

An emerging market that leads to commercial savings

More and more hospitality providers across the world are making changes within their business to appeal to this emerging market as well as to make significant commercial savings. It is exciting to see a growing number of Welsh businesses leading the way in showcasing how they can meet the needs of these new visitors. The more businesses that join the movement, the more of an impact we can have … we need you.

Benefit 4:

Financial savings through sustainability

As an added bonus, we can show you how your business can make significant financial savings through initiating sustainable behaviours with the Green Key team on hand to guide you through how to implement these changes - whatever the size of your business. As a respected eco-label across 65 countries worldwide, Green Key offers you a presence within the international hospitality market.

Who can apply?

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Frequently Asked Questions and Pricing

Price PointHotels (Beds)Campsites (Pitches)Visitor Attractions (Visitors)Restaurant (Covers)Conference Centres (Capacity)
£750100+N/a125,000+N/aOver 600
£50051-100Over 20050-125,000Over 50300-600
£250Up to 50Up to 200Up to 50,000Up to 50Up to 300
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