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Are you looking to transform an unloved area into a beautiful garden where nature can thrive? Do you want to create a community hub or help people to grow their own fruit and veg? This is your chance!

Local Places for Nature is back, and we have hundreds of free garden packages to give away to community groups, schools and other community-based organisations.

Our pre-paid packages range from small gardening projects to orchards and large-scale makeovers. Each one includes lots of native plants, tools, resources and other materials.

We handle the orders and deliveries, and our skilled project officers will be there to help you install your new garden.


How it works

Groups and organisations of all shapes and sizes can apply for Local Places for Nature. Most recently this has included emergency services, youth groups, sports clubs and disability charities.

Priority will be given to projects with strong community involvement, as well as those in towns, cities, deprived areas and spaces with little or no access to nature. We’re also really keen to welcome applications from underrepresented groups across Wales.

It’s a simple process. Just choose your package, read through the guidance, and complete the online application form making sure you answer all the questions.

If you need support with your application, we have regional coordinators on hand to support you through the process.

Our Local Places for Nature gardens

Since we launched Local Places for Nature in 2020, more than 1,000 green spaces have been created, restored and enhanced.

Click on the pins below to find out who’s been involved so far, check out the photos and read all about the impact of Local Places for Nature.

(Please click on the BIN icon on the left to expand the map layers list. Quotes from completed sites appear in the language in which they were provided.)

The initiative is funded by the Welsh Government, part of a wider Welsh Government ‘Local Places for Nature’ programme committed to creating, restoring and enhancing nature ‘on your doorstep’.

I need help with my application. What should I do?

Struggling to choose a package? Not sure how to answer a question on the application form? Our team are happy to help. Just drop them an email and they’ll help guide you through the process

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