Development package FAQs

We’re offering development packages to create, restore and enhance local places for nature.

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And, if you have any questions about the FAQs below, please contact the Local Places for Nature team.

Please read the following before submitting your application

Each package is pre-determined so you will receive ALL the items listed below. Please ensure you have enough space to fit and store all the necessary items before you apply.

Your local Keep Wales Tidy project officer will agree a work plan and delivery schedule with you, but you will need to be available to accept deliveries of all items below as agreed.

Keep reading for our other essential requirements. 

Wildlife Garden items Wildlife Garden quantitiesFood Growing Garden items Food Growing Garden quantities
Wildflower turf (square metres) 40Wildflower turf (square metres) 40
Wildflower turf finisher (grams) 20Wildflower turf finisher (grams)20
Fruit trees, including stakes and ties 5Fruit trees, including stakes and ties 5
Tree specific compost (litres) 60Tree specific compost (litres) 60
Wildlife trees (whips) 105Potted flowering and fruiting shrubs (two litres) 29
Mulch mat 105Potted herbs (9cm) 15
Tree guards and canes 105Climbing plants (two litre) 2
Potted flowering & fruiting shrubs (two litres) 30Wildflower plug plants 50
Potted herbs (9cm) 7Native species bulbs 200
Climbing plants (two litre) 2Vegetable seeds (packets) 11
Wildflower plug plants 30Peat free compost (litres) 50
Native species bulbs 1,400Raised beds - custom-built to fit site 3
Raised beds - custom-built to fit site 3Soil membrane (metres) 7,650
Top soil (litres) 7,650Fencing 10
Soil membrane (metres) 50Path creation (metres) 14
Trellis and fixings 1Trellis and fixings 1
Small hand tools (trowel, fork, secateurs, shears) 16Small hand tools (trowel, fork, secateurs, shears) 3
Large tools (spade, shovel, rake, pruning saw, loppers) 14Large tools (spade, shovel, rake, pruning saw, loppers) 5
Gloves (pairs) 20Wheelbarrow 1
Wheelbarrow 1Watering can 1
Watering can 1Water butt and stand 1
Heavy duty, recycled plastic bench 1Compost bin 1
Metal tool store 1Solar powered automatic watering system 1
Habitat boxes 20Heavy duty, recycled plastic bench 1
Bird feeder 2Greenhouse 1
Bird seed (kg) 25Metal tool shed 1
ID Charts 3Information manuals/books 1
Wildlife monitoring equipment 4
Essential requirements, eligibility and application process
Insurance and landowner permission
The site and involvement of volunteers
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