Handi Cart Lite with Storage Bag

£158.47 inc. Vat

The NEW Handicart Lite is your perfect litter picking companion – the lightweight mobile solution for smarter litter collection.

Our eco-friendly litter picking cart made from 35% recycled materials; is compact and foldable. It’s easy to carry to every clean up activity with an optional wipe clean storage bag for transportation or storing away after your event has finished.

The detachable Handihoop Pro bag hoop gives freedom for quick removal of litter from hard to reach areas – including waterways, canal towpaths, beaches and rural paths. Upto 10 kg of litter with just one hoop, thanks to the cart capacity of 90 litres – free standing. Increase collection capacity by 286% compared to a standard bag hoop!

Let the Handicart Lite take the strain of carrying heavy bags and collect litter safer on the move.

Key Features

  • Lightweight frame 4kg
  • Includes red kit storage bag
  • Compact foldable design – easily fits into car boot, storage shed,
  • Detachable hoop, to access all areas
  • Optional wipe clean storage bag available
  • Adjustable handle, easy to use
  • Collect up to 10kg of litter with just one hoop
  • Fits up to 90L cleansing bags
  • Puncture proof tyres for all terrains
  • Made from 35% recycled materials
  • 100% reusable
  • Perfect for solo or group clean ups
  • Increase collection capacity by 256% over a standard bag hoop!
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