Safe Pick Pro Collapsible Litter Picker (33″ length)

£14.98 inc. Vat

The collapsible, portable litter picker grabber is super lightweight in design and 100% reusable – with wipe down hygienic components – great for on-the-go solo litter picks.

The Safe Pick Pro (33″ length) is popular with older children, dog walkers, holiday goers (to use on beach cleans both in the UK and abroad), ploggers, kayakers and paddle boarders alike – as it fits nicely into their reusable bags, buckets, suitcases and rucksacks!

Safe Pick Pro features:

  • Ideal for social distance litter collection and volunteer litter picks – it folds away easily
  • The Safe Pick Pro is designed to help tackle litter and clean up anywhere
  • Super lightweight design – perfect for beach cleans, river cleans, mountain treks, rambles, plogging and solo litter picking activities
  • Handy and portable trigger style litter grabber – portable litter picker for your backpack, reusable bag, car, bicycle, paddleboard or kayak.
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