A poor-quality local environment has far-reaching negative impacts.

Fortunately, Wales has an army of volunteers who are passionate about keeping their communities clean and safe.

We want to celebrate the groups who brave all weathers to clean up our parks and streets; the people raising awareness of litter issues in their communities and the ones bringing different communities together.

With thanks to category sponsor Helping Hand Environmental.

Required information

This category is open to volunteer groups. Nominations cannot include paid staff.

  • What is the project / work?
  • Who is responsible for delivering it? Please tell us a little bit about the person you are nominating.
  • How has this project / work been delivered? What actions have been taken? What new ideas have been implemented?
  • Give evidence of the project / work carried out.
  • Give evidence of the impact. How has the project work helped tackle litter and waste? How has nature benefitted? How has the project included staff / volunteers? How has it changed behaviours? Has the idea been copied by others?
  • What measures have been put in place (if any) to ensure that the project / work is maintained for the future?
  • Any information that you have about the benefit of the project / work on the wider community. This can include where the project / work has brought the community together, enhanced community pride, taught new skills, and supported the health and wellbeing of the local community. Please provide feedback from the community where possible.
  • Your application should include video and / or photographic evidence.

Nomination form

1. Award category

2. Your details

3. Details of the person or organisation you are nominating

4. Your nomination

Please upload two recent photos or add a video link to support your nomination.

5. Privacy

A panel of experts made up of Keep Wales Tidy staff, trustees and Tidy Wales Awards sponsors will assess all nominations.

Please make sure that you have parent / guardian approval to submit a nomination if you are under 18 or if the person(s) that you are nominating are under 18. This consent should cover use of name(s), activity and any images used in the application.

We value your support and are committed to protecting your privacy. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of the Tidy Wales Awards. You’re always in control. For more information visit our Privacy Policy.

If it’s easier, you can download a Word version of the form and send it back to us via email or post. Details are provided on the form.

If you can’t put into writing why you’d like to nominate someone for an award, you can also send us a voice note or video nomination. The voice note or video should be no longer than five minutes and must cover all the required information.

Voice notes can be sent via WhatsApp to 07469 118914 or emailed to twa@keepwalestidy.cymru. We do ask that you follow up with some photos to show the positive impact of the individual, group, school or business – again, these can be sent via WhatsApp or email.

Video nominations can be emailed to twa@keepwalestidy.cymru

Nominations are welcome in English or Welsh.

All nominations must be submitted by midday on Monday 6 March. Nominations received after this time will not be considered.